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St Paul Blvd Fire Association

In 2022, with pride and tradition, our membership will be marking its 98th year of providing volunteer personnel to the St. Paul Boulevard Fire District.

St. Paul Boulevard Fire District residents have always been very gracious with their donations over the past years. Your donation goes directly to this all Volunteer Association. Our members train many hours to stay current with ever changing advances in fire fighting, motor vehicle accident rescue, and emergency treatment of the sick and injured.

In addition, our activities include providing fire safety, CPR and first aid training, child car seat inspections, sponsoring an Explorer program, holding an annual open house and much more. We survive on your donations only. Donations, large and small, make a difference and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

By making your tax deductible donation you support your community and those that protect it. Important! You may receive solicitations during the year from other organizations purporting to represent the fire service. We do not solicit by phone.